Scapular Dyskinesis – Is It Relevant Or Not?

Lecture Description & Objectives

This FREE 25 minute online lecture for healthcare professionals will provide a brief overview of the following:

  • What is Scapular Dyskinesis?
  • Assessment of Scapular Dyskinesis
  • Challenging Current Practice
  • Take-Home Messages

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About The Instructor

Anthony Teoli graduated from McGill University with a Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy, and currently works as a physiotherapist at CBI Concordia Sport Physio, a private physiotherapy clinic located in Laval, Quebec. He is also the Founder & President of InfoPhysiotherapy.

Anthony has a keen interest for knee osteoarthritis research and knowledge translation, having conducted two research studies examining the relationship between knee osteoarthritis and walking biomechanics. This research was presented at provincial, national and international conferences. His first peer-reviewed article was published in July 2016, along with two co-authors. In addition, Anthony will be pursuing his PhD in Rehabilitation Science at McGill University beginning in September 2018, with a focus on knee osteoarthritis, gait biomechanics and knowledge translation.

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1 thought on “Scapular Dyskinesis – Is It Relevant Or Not?

  1. Moustafa ArefReply

    Can u discuss muscle imbalance as a cause of scapular dyskinesis & how can we assess and correct it ?
    And thanks in advance 😊🌼

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