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Obesity & Knee Osteoarthritis – What’s The Link?

Our understanding of the etiology of knee osteoarthritis is quickly evolving. Knee osteoarthritis is a complex, and multi-factorial disease. One ...
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The Controversy of Core Stability Exercises For Low Back Pain

There has been quite a bit of discussion generated around the debate regarding core stability exercises (particularly transverus abdominis recruitment) ...
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Running and Knee Osteoarthritis – Have No Fear!

I recently attended a presentation on osteoarthritis (OA), at which an experienced physiotherapist was speaking to a rather large audience ...
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Optimizing Learning Through Social Media РA Social Commentary 

The following blog post is a social commentary on events that I have witnessed on social media with regards to ...
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8 Things You Should Know Before Signing Your First Physiotherapy Contract

Although graduating from university can feel like a huge weight lifted off of your shoulders, the new stress of having ...
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How To Land A Job As A Physiotherapist Before Graduation

Six months prior to graduating from McGill University in October 2016 with an Applied Master of Science in Physical Therapy, ...
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Preventing Falls In The Elderly

Falls are the main cause of accidental injury in adults over 65 years old and account for 85% of hospitalizations1 ...
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What Do Your MRI Results Really Mean?

Imaging modalities such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) scans are useful tools that are commonly used ...
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