Physio Moves Canada – A Huge Step Forward for the Physiotherapy Profession

Have you heard of the Physio Moves Canada initiative? It is an initiative headed by Dave and Amanda Walton (and collaborators), consisting of a 2 month road trip across Canada that began at the end of June 2017. Their goal is to stop at as many physiotherapy centers along the way as possible (limited by time and funding). One-on-one or focus-group interactions at each center are recorded and transcribed. Video is also captured to tell the story of the setting, clinician and/or client, adding another dimension to the project.

Qualitative research methods will be used to capture and analyze the discussions held with clinicians and patients. The latter will generate several scientific publications:

  1. Defining mobility to Canadians
  2. Research priorities for physiotherapy in Canada
  3. Recommendations for change in training programs for physiotherapists
  4. An environmental scan of innovations and their impact in physiotherapy practice

A Huge Step Forward for the Physiotherapy Profession

This project is not only innovative, it is NECESSARY! As mentioned on their website, “it is time for physiotherapy to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask itself how it’s going to continue to fit within the health care environment of tomorrow”. Physio Moves Canada will inspire change, I have no doubt about that. This project will help guide researchers and facilitate research prioritization. This project will challenge educators to review their current methods of practice. This project will emphasize and support the value of physiotherapy, potentially influencing regulators and policy markers.

As physiotherapists, I believe it is our duty to question our practice, to acknowledge and challenge our biases so that we can evolve and become better healthcare professionals. Common practice is being challenged daily by leading physiotherapists, fueling heated debates on blogs, social media, etc. As physiotherapists, I also believe it is our duty to acknowledge the great work that is being done to advance the profession. Physio Moves Canada is a great example of an initiative aiming to do just that. I would like to sincerely thank Dave and Amanda Walton, as well as their collaborators, for thinking outside of the box, for their genuine desire to improve this profession that I am so proud to be a part of, for their dedication and resilience.

Unfortunately, I was unable to make the Montreal focus group session (July 11, 2017) due to work constraints. I would have loved to experience this. That being said, I would love to chat with any and all who have ideas on how we can advance the physiotherapy profession.

We are a crucial part of the healthcare landscape. We are the future, and the future looks good!

For more information about Physio Moves Canada, take a look at their website. You can also follow their journey on Facebook (@physiomovescanada), Twitter (@PTMovesCanada) and Instagram (physiomovescanada).

Written by:
Anthony Teoli MScPT
Registered Physiotherapist & Founder of InfoPhysiotherapy

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