Key Leadership Lessons From The 2017 CPA Leadership Forum

From November 2-4, 2017, I was fortunate enough to have attended the 2017 Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) Leadership Forum. There were a number of key leadership lessons that I took away from this unforgettable experience, and I would like to share this experience and all the invaluable information I have acquired with physiotherapists worldwide. It’s time to learn from our mistakes and move forward as a collective!

Leadership & Innovation

“Common misconceptions about leadership: innovation does not require creativity, innovation does not necessarily imply big things, innovation is not just the responsibility of a select few.” – Laura Desveaux

“The status quo is not an option.” – Laura Desveaux 

“Radical incrementalism – create, iterate, test, repeat.” – Laura Desveaux

“Do you want a goal driven life or a purpose drive life?” – Randy Goodman

“Are you doing what you were specifically designed to do?” – Randy Goodman

“Create a clear identity. Be unique. Be consistent” – Laura Desveaux

“What’s your story? What makes you a leader?” – Deri Latimer


Leadership & Happiness

“What’s good? Look for your positive anchor point. You have to reframe it!” – Deri Latimer

“You need to find your joy in work.” – Emma Stokes

“Mindfulness is about stopping & being exactly where you are.” – Deri Latimer


Leadership & Teamwork/Networking

“If you think you can navigate it alone, think again.” – Anne Sado

“The language of leadership is human connection.” – Jim Millard 

“Leadership is listening, and leveraging the collective vision of your team.” – Maxi Miciak

“If you want to network, then you need to go two up, two down and two sideways.” – Emma Stokes

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

“You need to hone the talents of those around you. Leverage differences to produce a richer collection of ideas” – Laura Desveaux


Looking To The Future 

“While we continue to debate whether or not we can palpate movement at the sacrio-iliac joint, the rest of the world is advancing and building revolutionary technologies and innovations.” – Dave Walton

“I want a world in which anyone who needs physiotherapy has access to it.” – Trisha Parsons

“Disruption is fine, but you need to have a plan. Be sure to write the second paragraph,” – Emma Stokes

“We can’t just survive, we need to thrive.” – Dave Walton

“The KEY to leadership is to Keep Educating Yourself.” – Anne Sado


It’s Time To Focus on the Difficult Conversations

“Branding, access and training are among the most prevalent threats that the physiotherapy profession is currently facing. How do we turn these threats into opportunities?” – Dave Walton

“We have a branding problem. What is physiotherapy and what do we want to be?” – Dave Walton

Where do we have opportunity? Where do we need to look to expand? Where do we need to take risks?

Let’s move on from the trivial debates and discussions and focus on the more difficult conversations we need to have as a profession. We need to ask the right questions NOW, so that we can avoid problems in the future. It’s time to be proactive rather than reactive! #PhysioCanLead

Written by:
Anthony Teoli MScPT
Registered Physiotherapist & Founder of InfoPhysiotherapy

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